Last Updated On January 30, 2019
Choosing Workout Clothes: 3 Tips for Success

It's no secret that working out regularly has some pretty awesome benefits. In fact, there may be some benefits you don't even know -- like how researchers at the University of Michigan found that 12 to 20 minutes of running just three times a week can help increase the mineral density of your bones. But no matter how often you work out or why you do it, there is one thing you'll always need: the right workout clothes. So let's take a look at a few things that will help you choose the workout clothes that are right for you.

Know your materials: Workout clothes come in a wide variety of materials -- from cotton to polyester to spandex, it can be difficult to know which material is best. But choosing the right material is crucial, especially for pieces like workout leggings and tank tops. Because you're going to get hot and sweaty, you need to choose a material that allows your skin to breathe. Polyester and spandex are great choices because they're breathable and moisture-wicking. Overall, the material of your workout clothes should be lightweight and comfortable.

Fit matters: Many people make the mistake of thinking their fitness gear should be loose and baggy. While it's important your clothes aren't constricting, they also shouldn't be too baggy. Fitted fabrics are always a great choice, but make sure they can stretch as your body moves. For fitness gear like high impact sports bras, you should always choose ones that give you the support you need. You can change your clothing based on the activities you're doing, but ultimately, all of your workout gear should fit appropriately.

Dress for the weather: If you exercise outside, it's essential that you change your workout wardrobe depending on the weather and even the season. In high temperatures, make sure to prioritize moisture-wicking materials so you can stay dry and comfortable. But when it gets cold, consider layering your clothes so you can stay warm but take off layers as you need to. And don't forget about fitness accessories like gloves, hats, and appropriate socks.

In the end, it's up to you to decide what you feel comfortable in for your workouts. But keep these tips in mind to help you choose the right fitness gear, clothing, and accessories.


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