Last Updated On April 04, 2019
What NOT to Wear When You're Working Out

Working out is great for a variety of reasons. Not only do 80% of men and 60% of women say they feel more attractive when they run regularly, but exercise is great for both your physical health and mental health. And let's admit it, buying workout clothes is a lot of fun too! From new workout tank tops to some fun leggings with pockets, today's workout clothing options are endless. But there are a few things you should never wear when working out and we're going to discuss a few in this article.

An ill-fitting sports bra: When you're working out, the last thing you want to worry about is your bra. This is why you should never wear a sports bra that doesn't fit properly -- you should also not wear a regular bra! Wearing a sports bra that doesn't fit properly, whether it's too tight or too loose, can not only result in some unwanted bouncing, but it can also lead to back and shoulder pain. So make sure you find some good high impact sports bras that fit comfortably for your workouts.

Inappropriate footwear: While you probably have a wide variety of footwear options, it's important to wear the right ones to the gym. Wearing boots, sandals, heels, and going barefoot are not good ideas when you're working out. The only type of footwear you should wear while exercising is sneakers that are comfortable and in good shape. Proper sneakers are important not only for your comfort but for your safety as well. If you wear the wrong shoes, you could end up spraining an ankle or injuring your muscles. So when you're looking for fitness accessories, prioritize good sneakers.

Clothes that are too tight: Your workout clothing should be comfortable. And while it's important to not wear baggy clothing, you don't want your clothes to be so tight you can't move properly. So when you're looking for leggings with pockets or workout shirts, make sure your clothes fit comfortably. If they're too tight, they could even cut off your circulation, cause leg cramps, and prevent you from completing full movements.

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in while working out, but these are a few things you should try to stay away from. With the right fitness gear, you're already on your way to having a great workout.


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