4 Tips to Work Out with Kids

Can't find or don't know how you can stay fitness with your little ones around? Here we mention 4 ways you can stay fitness as a mom!  Try these methods out or let us know how you stay active.
4 Tips to Work Out with Kids


Let's face it, how many mommas out there have quit working out because they feel they can't find the time to do it?
With all the diaper-changing, getting ready for school, and making lunch/dinner; it's no wonder many feel they can't find the time.
So we asked our community of fit moms to give us insights on how it is they manage. Here we're compiling a small list of ways you can work out.

1. Early Morning Work Out

I'm sure we all love getting some shut-eye. The idea of getting up early to work out seems dreadful to most, but getting in the habit can reap some wonderful benefits.

By setting the alarm clock a little earlier to squeeze in some fitness, you can improve your metabolism. Furthermore, it has been shown you can improve your physical and mental health with an early routine. Additionally, a recent study showed early workouts help you sleep better at night.
And these are all but a few of the benefits! So consider setting your alarm clock an hour (or even half an hour!) earlier and start shredding those pounds.

2. At-Home Workouts

Nowadays, the internet is packed with all sorts of information. So it's no wonder we can find videos to work out at home.

For something as low as a gym membership, you can sign up to Street Parking, and  get access to a repertoire of hundreds of workout videos, plus nutrition guides and tips, and access to a private Facebook and Instagram pages. Their videos are designed for people who have a busy schedule so their workouts tend to last 20-25 minutes. They also have a postpartum program that you can check out!

If you can't, or don't want, to spend any money you can try looking up free resources online. There are tons of workout videos on YouTube ranging from cardio to spinning, yoga, HIIT, and so much more. Videos can be as short as 5-10 minutes to full-blown 1-hr workouts.

3. Stroller Workouts

Nothing like a good ol' walk with the stroller. If the weather is fair, you can try to include your workouts in a park while you give the baby a ride. Walk or soft jog, it sure is a nice way to include some fitness on your routine.

Additionally, if you prefer biking, you can try purchasing baby chairs online.

4. Gym

Some gyms have a day-care or other sorts of activities where you can leave your child to play, if they're old enough. If you have a gym nearby, try looking to see if they have these features available.


There are many ways to work out. Heck, you can even try and get creative and include your kids in your workouts. All you really need is the motivation to find some time. Try these out and let us know on social media, or via a comment, how you implement these workouts!

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