March 15, 2017
5 Sleep Problems You Need To Conquer For A Healthier Life


5 Sleep Problems You Need To Conquer For A Healthier Life

Are you unable to get the necessary rest leading up to a big race? Find yourself out of breath during a workout because you lack the energy from a bad night’s sleep? You’re not alone, sleep is one of the most common issues we as humans deal with. Additionally, losing sleep can be a more significant problem than we think it is, involving not just our fitness but all aspects of our health. The sleep experts at Casper have been studying sleep and just what causes us to toss and turn all night. At their sleep symposium, Ariana Huffington discussed her mission to educate others about sleep and how widespread this common issue has become.

“Many of us are so used to being tired all the time that we think that is the new norm. If you go to Google and type in “Why am I…” Do you know what is the most common autocomplete? “Why am I so tired?” 

-Ariana Huffington

We have highlighted some of the most common sleep issues along with a simple solution that can be used every night to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.


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If you lay down at night and find yourself re-living every mistake you’ve made since you were five-years-old or planning out every second of tomorrow, this one’s for you.

Tip: Take a few minutes and write your schedule for tomorrow down, that way it is out of your mind and laid out for your morning giving you one less thing to worry about.



Find yourself tossing and turning, fluffing pillows 100 times, and pulling your covers on and off? Your sleep environment may be your problem. Casper could be the solution for your troubles, with their latex memory foam mattresses, with their specific material that allows you to sleep cooler. The breathable line of sheets, pillows, and the perfect mattress will ensure your bed is the last thing you have to worry about.


Before you get blinded by the refrigerator light at midnight, plan a snack ahead of time to keep you full and sound asleep all night long. Try a cup of popcorn or some toast with almond butter, both will help you snooze off to bed with a happy and full belly while not reversing your healthy diet. Add a little cinnamon or paprika to keep your metabolism boosted as you catch some much needed zzz’s.



Ahh the weekend. Who doesn’t love sleeping in all day? Studies show that in order to kick your Monday morning fog, you should go to sleep and wake up the same time on Saturday and Sunday as you do the rest of the week. When your body gets into a regular sleep cycle, you can get a better quality of sleep resulting in actually waking up refreshed and not groggy.


Some like it hot, others, like it freezing cold. Whatever your comfort level is, for a good night’s rest, 65 degrees is the perfect sleeping temperature. Give it a try next time you get ready for bed, the cool air should keep you from overheating while relaxing your muscles and body for a worry-free night of sleep.

So next time you find yourself getting ready for bed, (which should be tonight), try these tips and see for yourself just how much a night of peaceful sleep can boost your productivity and increase energy!

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