March 15, 2017
7 Ways You Never Thought To Use Your Body Scrub

By Julia Odden

Swoob just introduced a new body scrub from a company called Borika. The scrub, a “rich blend of coconut flakes, coconut oil, coffee, Himalayan salt, fresh lime zest scent,” was sent to me for a beta test. For seven days, I’ll be using it, as per the instructions (rub gently onto damp skin, let sit for five to fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water) and not per the instructions in a testing format (in my hair, in my coffee machine, etc.). Borika advertises itself as being “with organic minerals giving you amazingly smooth skin with antioxidants to treat acne, scars, anti-aging, stretch marks, and much more.”

According to Borika and Swoob, a few benefits of the coffee are that it fights free radicals (which improves the overall look of your skin), reduces inflammation and redness in your skin, reduce puffiness and inflammation associated with under eye dark circle, minimizes the appearance of cellulite, is a powerful antioxidant, and repairs skin damage caused by exposure to UV rays. The coconut in the scrub fights dryness, keeps skin moisturized and hydrated, blocks 20% of harsh ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer, and slows down the aging process by keeping the skin looking young and beautiful.

Without further ado, let’s start this test.

Day One

It’s day one! How exciting!

This morning, I got my Borika Body Scrub in nice little pink envelope from Swoob. I read the directions and put it in my bathroom for later.

Flash forward—I break open the sealed-for-freshness package in my bathroom, and almost immediately, the whole room—scratch that, the whole house—smells like coffee. I love the smell of coffee. This new and unexpected development is enough to make me happy about it.

The only thing better than having your house smell like coffee is to smell like coffee yourself, so I dive right in. As per the instructions, I basically give myself a bath in coffee (read: sat in the shower covered in coffee waiting for it to dissolve). Side note: It does not dissolve. It is an exfoliating scrub. User error. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

Usually, when testing a new product, it is advised to only put it on the “tougher” areas of your skin, such as your arms. Dear readers, I will give this advice to you, although I myself did not follow it. (As they say, do as I write, not as I do.) Anyway, I figured the best way to test Borika’s all-natural coffee poop was to basically go all-out with it—including my face—and then wait and see if I broke out in some exotic form of hives.

It may not seem like it, but waiting five minutes (per the instructions) in your shower, slowly growing colder, is not altogether a pleasant experience. However, I smelled coffee everywhere, and nothing was itching, except for the places where I had accidentally exfoliated a recent sunburn—NOT A GOOD IDEA. Feel free to dab the stuff onto sensitive skin, but I would advise against rubbing it in, because it literally feels like salt.

Five minutes later, I can finally rinse it off. It looks like I dumped fertilizer (read: garden dirt) into my shower. Still is not dissolving.

Ten minutes later, there are no hives. I am not itchy or red or turning into a coffee bean. We’ll see how I turn out tomorrow morning.

Day Two

I’ve decided to try something new with Borika every day during my Borika Beta Test. Today? I shaved with it.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting this one to work, but aside from having to frequently unclog my razor, it was fantastic. Who knew?

Apparently using it for multiple days in a row makes the effects far more pronounced. It even managed to soften my climbers’ hands, which felt nice but didn’t work well in the gym.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll do the same thing and see how using it for more than two days turns out.

Day Three

It turns out that the longer you let the scrub sit, the more results you experience. Today, I let it sit for ten minutes; when I rinsed it off, it looked as though I had been covered in a thin layer of oil, because I was shedding water like a duck’s feathers. Twelve hours later, I still smell like coffee.

Day Four

Today, I tried using the body scrub like a bath salt. Surprisingly, it didn’t go very well. I still smell like coffee, but that soft, oily effect I’ve grown used to is gone. Also, my drain is really, really clogged.

Day Five

My whole room smells of coffee. My life is being overrun by coffee. I am slowly metamorphosing into a coffee bean.

I’m kidding.

I used the scrub normally today, just to return to my “baseline” effect. I think the only cons so far are the clogged shower drain and the dramatic increase in the durations of my showers. My brother has commented on how the smell of coffee is gradually seeping into the hallway. It’s very pleasant.

Day Six


Today, I decided to try using Borika on my hair. Who knows, right? I’ve been surprised before.

I scrubbed it in, waited five minutes… and then could not get it out. It’s very oily, and it did not want to leave my hair. Coffee grounds got stuck everywhere, it got all sticky, and it was a generally unpleasant experience.

Please excuse me while I go wash coffee grounds out of my hair.

Day Seven

I really wanted to try to brew Borika today in my coffee machine, but I’ve almost run out of it, and I don’t want to waste it on such an ill-fated experiment (I don’t even drink coffee). Instead, I just used it one more time, the classic way. I’m going to wait a little while before I finish it off, maybe a week or so, to let the smell of coffee dissipate and give me a chance to unclog my shower drain.


In a ten out of ten scale, I give Borika a ten in the “does what it said it would do” category, a ten in the “shaving” category, a four in the “bath salt” category, and a one in the “hair washing” category. I would recommend this to a friend, and I would—will—buy it again.

Maybe in one of my next articles, I’ll put a timestamp on how long it took for me to get the coffee smell out of my house.

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