Last Updated On September 02, 2013
Acai Berries – Good or Bad? Use promo code “swoobnow” for Labor Day 30% off!

Thanks to Candice Newland for sending in this post!

Candice rapping canyon in Zions.
Candice rapping canyon in Zions.

My husband turns 30 this year and decided that there is no better time than now to simplify his diet by eating clean and working out consistently. Being the supportive wife that I am, I decided to help his endeavor by researching some “super foods” and implement these into our diet.

The first food on my radar is the acai berry which after a little research, I was surprised at how little benefit it actually offers compared to all the claims I’ve heard over the last few years. The berry is grown from palms in the amazon in long strands and the main nutritional value is an antioxidant.  Many also label acai as a “feel good” food that gives an energy boost as well. Unfortunately, the berry has no real evidence to support many of the claims out there – it is not a weight loss aid, it does not contain omegas or help prevent cancer, and it does not have any sexual benefits. However, the acai berry is beneficial to the South American economy as a rich harvest and the palm tree the berry grows on is reported to help save the Amazon rain forest because of its multiple stems!!

I will definitely be adding these to our post work out runs and hikes because of the flavor and texture it adds, for the antioxidants and for the benefits to the environment. I already have some set aside for our climbing trip to maple canyon in two weeks!!


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