Last Updated On March 11, 2013
Being Fit Makes You Feel Good

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Looking Good While Being Fit Makes You Feel Better

Have you ever wondered why certain people just seem happier?  You’ve probably narrowed it down to a couple of things; wealthy, healthy or just luck.  Well for me, I feel happier when I feel fit.  I competed for Miss Utah USA in October and I was at my best then.  There wasn’t anything I would have done differently and being in tip top shape made me appreciate my life a little bit more.  When people feel fit, they generally hold themselves to a higher standard and therefore feel better all around.  You aren’t going to see people at a McDonald’s who look and feel fit because chances are, they aren’t.

There are endorphins in our body that are produced when we are active, and it’s been proven that will make us feel better as a whole. 

Now imagine this: You head to the gym at 6am for an early morning workout.  After the gym you shower, and get ready for a day at the office.  You pull on your slacks and notice a difference, they fit better!  People love that moment when they can put on their “skinny” clothes again.  Imagine doing that after every work out.  I know I love that feeling and it’s a feeling I strive for every time I’m at the gym.  

When it comes to the female gender, we tend to over-think the way our bodies look.  I know I always strive to get back down to a size four.  I remember when I put my evening gown on a couple of weeks before Miss Utah USA and it did not fit me the way I wanted it to, but then days before the competition, I put it back on and it was like a transformation.  I instantly felt better about myself and the way I looked.  That’s all it’s really about.  

Getting into the groove and making it to a point where you can say, I look and feel healthy and great about myself, now how do I push it one step further?  


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