March 15, 2017
Dare to Adventure

Your adventure is waiting. You crave it, you can taste it, you were born for it. We’re sending you to the edge of the world and back with our top 4 favorite adventure videos. The world is yours to discover.



There is nothing like a yoga session on the edge of a 600 foot cliff to give you a rush. Trimr’s incredible Yogi masters literally reached the heights of consciousness in this breathtaking video. All filming took place in the red deserts of Utah.


gnarly bay 

Patagonia – an untouched land at the bottom of the world. Located in the southern portion of Argentina and Chile, Patagonia offers explorers endless deserts, towering mountains, and lush forests. Dana Saint of gnarly bay productions captures the feeling of spontaneous adventure and invigorating travel in his short film. 

Meet Me in Big Sur

Andrew Julian

Set to the moving Hanz Zimmer track “Time,” you’ll be swept away by the crashing waves and the soft orange sunsets in Big Sur, California. This short film encapsulates the natural energy of the California coastline and ignites feelings of awe and wonder for our beautiful earth.

Rise Up

Günther Gheeraert

What undiscovered places and natural wonders will you find as you travel the world? The diverse stories of the world will expand your horizons and lift you to new levels of understanding and knowledge.

Please visit the websites of these incredible filmmakers and artists to support their work. Whether you go on a 4 month backpacking excursion or a weekend camping trip, we hope these incredible videos inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and see a new place.

Rise up, and go explore the world.

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