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DIY Activewear: Design Your Own Sports Bra


Jade Michael - Apollo Hype Collection by Swoob
Jade Michael – Apollo Hype Collection by Swoob

Design, this is the part of fashion that everyone dreams about!  Beauty is something we all desire, not just in vanity, but in the way each of us seeks after those things that give pleasure to the senses and to the mind.  Design is the controlled ability to translate thoughts into form, material, and architecture down to the way that object is eventually held, touched, and experienced.  It is the skill and talent of making life more beautiful.  

Every object points to the mind that designed it and has the potential to provoke feelings of desire and pleasure, allowing each of us to take a step back and decide for ourselves if we believe a particular object is beautiful or not.  If you have artistic talent you are at a great advantage here!

You Become the Designer 

The traditional approach to fashion design is to got to fashion school, or find someone who has.  An apparel designer will have a formal education in textiles, an intimate understanding of textile design process, and will have practiced their skill in some realm of fashion.  There are a myriad of reasons a good apparel designer is critical to any textile development.  The talent of apparel design is an art where practice really does make perfect.  

Design Your Own Athletic Apparel
Design Your Own Athletic Apparel

At Swoob, however, we prefer the designer to be YOU!

We take your creative vision and apply it to our existing production process, together we create beautiful activewear with an artistically personal touch uniquely inspired by YOU! 

You will design off real pattern blocks using fabrics you hand-pick from a selection of fabric swatches.  If you have considered something like this in the past you know what a gruelling and detailed process apparel design is; luckily, the team here at Swoob will pick up that slack for you.  For us, that’s the part we make look easy!

Fabric Swatches
Fabric Swatches

Design Game On

Textile Overview

To get started our team will provide an general overview of the design process, pattern making, and fabric sourcing.  We keep it simple for you and focus on only elements that will enable your creative process and ensure a quality, manufacturable end product.   

Sketch It Your Way

Draw away to your hearts content.  The sooner you are able to get your ideas down on paper the better.  Don’t hesitate to show people and validate the concept pieces you are envisioning.

Depending on how you do you, we suggest getting ahold of a fashion sketch book.  You can pick one of these up at any book store or online.  There are different types of sketch books with different types of models depending on what style and look you are going for.  The books come with fun tips on fashion design and will have a bunch of blank models to sketch your ideas on!

 Fashion Illustration Art: How to Draw Fun & Fabulous Figures, Trends and Styles

Check out these art sets to get started:

Mont Marte Studio Essentials Mixed Media Art Set, 90 PiecesArt 101 142-Piece Wood Art SetAll-Media Art Paint Set by Artist s Loft (126391)


Seeing a creation of your own come alive from concept to finished good is an amazing experience.  Once your designs are final we go to the sample room!  Our expert pattern makers and amazing factory will produce a production sample of your article.

The perfect fit is a singular art.

— Kyle Muir, Founder


Like I said, apparel design is an art.  Try it on and take a spin.  We will make adjustments based on fit and manufacturability.  This is also a great time to get preproduction content that will help lead product launch.  


With fitting complete and final measurements in all production inputs are prepared and we do our thing! 

Product Launch

As much goes into product design as does product launch.  We want your collection to be seen!  We prepare digital content that can be used in product pages, advertisements, and other media related releases.  We help generate exposure around your designs through a targeted marketing campaign you will help design.  



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