March 15, 2017
Healthy Ryan Shares 4 Quick Fixes to A Great Butt

By Ryan Avila

Ryan Avila is the creator of where he writes about everything health and fitness. Ryan competes in marathons, triathlons, relay races and mountain bike races. 

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4 Quick Fixes to A Great Butt

There is one goal most every woman can agree that they want -an amazingly tight, firm, and tones butt.

Here are a few basics exercises that will help you get a more tone and firm back side. Remember when trying these exercises to not push yourself but rather build a base then try harder from there.

·         Jump squats: This is the simplest way to get that burn back there. Stand in with your legs a little wider than your shoulders. Go down for a squat then jump up with your legs fully extending then landing back into the squat position. Try three sets of 20. I promise you will feel a great burn.

·         Leg press: If you go to the gym then here is your favorite butt workout. Make sure when you do the leg press you don’t hyperextend your knees by bending less than 90 degree. Also, make sure you don’t use too much weight. It would be better to use little weight and do  a lot of reps than to use a lot of weight and accidently injure yourself.

·          Single-leg pistol squat: It takes good balance to do a single-leg pistol squat, but this exercise will definitely pay off.You stand on one leg with your other leg sticking as straight out in front of you as you can. Then you 


 squat on the leg you are standing on while keeping your other leg straight the entire way down and up. After one repetition of this, you will see the challenge but also notice that this one will really work your butt. Try three sets of five and if you can’t go down all the way then just go down as far as you can so that you can go back up.

·         Single-leg dead lift: Here is a simple butt workout for you. Stand and raise your right arm in front of you. Then bend at your hips while you lift your right leg straight behind you until it is parallel to the floor. Contract your butt and hamstring as you return to standing. Try three sets of 10 for each leg.

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