March 15, 2017
It’s Now or Never: Press Release

It’s go time ladies!!!

Help us spread the word by sharing our kickstarter video and don’t forget to watch it! Check out our rewards and see how you can become one of the first owners of Swoob’s Luana sports bra.

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Swoob found its origin in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains during a summer rock climbing session with friends. The realization that female clothing always lacks in pockets and places to put your necessities gave birth to a beginning. Prototype after prototype, some amazing features, and a lot of work later Swoob landed on its first inspiration, Luana. Luana means content and happy and that is just how this sports bra makes girls feel when wearing it!

A low profile and adjustable crisscrossing straps makes the Luana the perfect sports bra for low-impact activities. The best part of Luana’s simple design are the three integrated pockets. A center pocket designed to fit your phone or music device, a side pocket to hold a key or chapstick to keep those kissable lips moist while you’re out, and another to fit your license, debit card, or cash to grab a quick bite while you’re out.Smooth, stretchy fabric and offers style, ventilation, and support while allowing for flexibility and movement. Wherever your daily adventures take you, the Swoob sports bra’s sleek and contouring design make it the best sports bra for the active gal on the go. To top it all off it comes in a color that is flattering to every skin tone and hair color boosting confidence every step of the journey!On top of developing products that make the lives of active women easier,

Swoob is all about promoting organic and healthy lifestyles. Through their social media Swoob shares tips on healthy and organic living, fashion tips, outdoor adventures, and living in your moment. Swoob is constantly looking to feature and support girls that are defying barriers and confidently changing this world for the better one day at a time.This June Swoob began its movement by launching and offering a full line of women’s active wear including Swoob’s  sports bra with pockets, Luana. Add Swoob’s leggings (also with a pocket), tank, slouch hoodie and you will be ready to get out and go anywhere!

Swoob plans to continue to design everyday sports bras with pockets, along with high impact waterproof sports bras for our triathletes and iron women out there! With every bra purchased Swoob hopes to share a bit of their love for life, from their “pass it on girls” cards and donations to girls in need, to the inspiring women featured on their blog, Swoob plans to motivate active women across the world and change everyday lives.

Swoob is excited to share their interactive booth with you at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this July 31 through August 3 at the Salt Lake City Salt Palace Convention center. Join Swoob in spreading the word about their product and building up women everywhere. Check them out at

Lexi Rose

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