March 15, 2017
Myth or Reality? “It’s hard to stay in shape.”

This is what we asked Laura Palmer, mental performance coach and inventor of Bridgenosis, which is a unique, cutting edge method of reprogramming subconscious patterns so that your heart (aka internal GPS compass) and your mind move in the same direction. She’s an expert in helping mindful leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes spot and transform deep-seated beliefs that play on autopilot, out of our awareness and seemingly out of our control.

The good news is that, with Bridgenosis, reprogramming this the subconscious autopilot is within our control and pretty easy, contrary to longstanding popular belief.

When you are first developing as a human, your subconscious autopilot disconnects from your GPS in many circumstances because you are still developing and not yet free to follow your own heart. You are limited and dependent on certain people, places, and resources. You are also in school learning about the world. It’s quite ingenious of your mind to focus externally and create auto-programs to help you stabilize, survive and succeed during this time period. “Limiting” beliefs form for the limited time period.

Whether or not it is hard to stay in shape depends on what your autopilot believes. And, remember, what your autopilot believes and what you consciously believe are often not the same.

Here are two common patterns that make it hard for us to stay in shape and mind hacks to overcome them:

1) I am only valuable when I’m producing, achieving, or helping someone:

This is useful when you are younger trying to get through school, moving from one grade to the next. However, it’s not true for all time. Your worthiness and value is intrinsically built into your being as a universal creation.

When this is playing in the background, your mind feels worthless and stressed when you aren’t producing, achieving, or helping someone. It values these actions over self-care: exercise, sleeping, playing, vacations, and other “non-productive” things. Therefore, it will put “staying in shape” last and often not make time or space for it.

You may go through periods of time where you exercise and then fall off the wagon because this belief of unworthiness has been triggered, usually out of your awareness. It can also drive you to try to feel better through food, which can inhibit you from staying in shape.

Remember, you’re an organism first. Your presence is your greatest value to the world. Everything that flows out of you from inspiration and joy in the form of production, action, achieving, and helping others is just part of your value expression. When it flows from a drive to prove worthiness, your impact is diluted.  

2) I don’t have enough time or energy to maintain self-care and get everything else done.

When you were in that limited, developing stage as a kid being forced to study and master subjects that were not innate to you and your gifts (or purpose) and living in a structured life, moving from one grade to the next, your mind learned that there is not enough time. Life is hard. This is also a mindset that gets passed from generation to the next. We live in a very scarce-fear focused world right now.

In reality, each person has a unique GPS-like life instruction manual inside that only you can access. It isn’t taught. It contains your gifts, your passions, your purpose, and it has the capacity to connect you to the right people, opportunities, and resources, even time. Ever notice how you get diverted or the universe slows something down or speeds something up? That’s serendipity meeting you half-way.

Remember: The universe did not create beings with scarce resources or expect us to operate with scarcity. However, we have creative capacity. When your mind believes in scarcity, then it finds evidence of scarcity and continues to perpetuate the belief. So, then you have a reality of not enough time to stay in shape.

So, to answer your original question:

If you subconsciously or consciously believe you are not enough or don’t have enough time to do self-care, then these myths will lead you to create this “myth” into “reality”: “It’s hard to stay in shape.” If you reprogram your autopilot to believe the truth, you can create this reality: “It’s easy to stay in shape.”


Ready to dive in?

Laura has designed a program to help people reprogram your subconscious autopilot to delete limiting beliefs like those described above and instead follow your GPS. You can access the program options here and browse her site to learn more.  

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