March 15, 2017
Revolution: A History of the Sports Bra

Throughout history women have worn bras for all sorts of reasons; functionality, support, modesty, and sexuality.  They have got you covered.  Generation after generation inventors created bras with new designs styles and materials that were meant to support a women and her girls.  

But, what about female athletes.  For years women’s bras were big obstacles in sports.  That same tight, constricting, and nonconforming bra they wore to the office was the same the bra they wore on the field.  


In 1977 the first sports bra was created!
In 1977 the first sports bra was created!

In the 1970s the women’s’ rights movement continued to take America by storm.  Women organized marches and protests for equal rights in the workforce.  Women were stepping out of their traditional roles and on to the playing fields.  And, jogging was all the rage.  In 1977 two best friends had the brains and the balls to start a revolution with their billion dollar idea! 





With a prototype now in hand.  Lisa Lindahl and Hinda Miller launched Jog Bra in 1978.  Initially the male-dominated sporting goods world turned a cold shoulder.  But, it didn’t take long for the bra to find success.  Thanks in part to an act in congress! 

“The Washington Post said that Title 9 and Jog Bra are the two most influential things that happened for women in sports and fitness” – Hinda Miller

Title 9, passed in 1972.  “no service or activity could be denied because of your sex for any institution or service that was paid for by the federal government.” 



Jog Bra grew at such a rapid pace that Lisa Lindahl and Hinda Miller were made an offer they couldn’t refuse.  And, in 1990 they sold the jog bra line to Playtex apparel.  And, eventually the brand would come to be known as Champion Jog Bra.  

The sports bra.  A simple idea that turned into a billion dollar industry.  And, thanks for Lisa Lindahl and Hinda Miller the sports bra helped changed the course of women sports and gave confidence and support to millions of women around the world.   


1999 Brandi Chastain - Women's World Cup Win
1999 Brandi Chastain – Women’s World Cup Win

“That picture is a picture of confidence, and preparation and a journey.  That was not just by happenstance or by luck.  That was a long time in the making and I think that is part of the story to get where we are now we are talking about the sports bra.  You know, everything has an evolution.  Its time for a revolution.  This is who we are!  We can be loud, and we can be proud and we can celebrate ourselves like we never have before.”  – Brandi Chastain

Directed by: Eva Longoria
Executive Producer: Ben Spector
Produced by: Gibby Cevallos & Mickey Cevallos
Edited by: Tanner Jobe
Narrated by: Kristina Guerrero



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