Last Updated On November 11, 2014
Tasty Tuesday: Spinach Provolone Quesadilla



Cooking spray

2 oz of steak or chicken

a large handful of spinach

1- 6 inch whole grain tortilla

1 slice of low fat provolone cheese


Spray cooking oil on your pan and add your meat until cooked.  Toss in the spinach and heat until wilted. Remove the steak and spinach and set aside.

Place one tortilla in the pan and heat.  Add ½ of the slice of provolone.

Layer the meat and spinach over the provolone and then place the other half slice of cheese on top.  Fold the tortilla in half over itself so it creates a half moon shape. 

Flip quesadilla and apply pressure with spatula to keep it together.

When cheese is melted, remove from heat and enjoy with some plain Greek yogurt!


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