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The Three Faces of Eve – A Hollywood Classic

The Three Faces of Eve

Every girl wants to look like a star when she works out. The aim of the Three Faces of Eve collection is exactly that—to give every woman the sparkle and class of a diva. Olivia Cano Graff, the designer of the line, grew up with her grandmother, an Old Hollywood star and brave, adventurous woman. She wanted to embody the strength and spontaneity of this woman in her line, to pass on the message that was given to her—a message of female empowerment and independence. 

Joanne Woodward, the star in the (slightly disturbing) movie The Three Faces of Eve, grew up in Hollywood at this same time and became a highly successful actress (a rare feat for a woman in the 50’s). In a time when divorces were shamed, Woodward, who was taking care of three kids at the time, chose to leave her disloyal husband and move to Spain. There, she married Paul Newman, a love story that is still one of the greatest in Hollywood.

The collection designed in her image includes three sports bras, two tank tops, a pair of boxing shorts, and an all-mesh boxer hoodie, each of which are designed with performance hollywood style in mind— the sports bras are moisture-wicking, and all pieces are  “built for breathability.” The line embodies the essence of Woodward. It’s intended to make its wearers feel the feminine confidence and self-assurance she had in abundance.

A common theme throughout the line is mesh—almost every piece has an element of mesh for both style and breathability. Each piece of the collection is centered on “functional class and style” and blocks UV rays to keep skin healthy. They can also be worn for multiple activities—lifting weights, climbing, running, yoga—as well as for general working out and daily life. The beauty of the line is the gym-to-street appeal to fashion; you could work out for an hour, throw the Valley Tank over your Starlet bra, and hit the streets with a touch of class. The fabric is antimicrobial to help eliminate stink.

This fashion forward athletic wear line is designed, in short, to be both functional and flattering. The patterns are snazzy, the designs are sleek, and the story behind them is inspiring, not only to future Hollywood stars but to anyone who is courageous and is not afraid to make life-changing decisions. 


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