Full Length Yoga Leggings

Slimming compression fabric makes our fitted full length yoga leggings also make some of the best running pants.  And yes, this fabric is non-see through and lets you stretch to your hearts content.  Whether you bike, climbing, run, dance, or want to relax after a long day these yoga leggings are great!
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  • Moisture-wicking materials keep you dry during sweat sessions.
  • The extra wide waistband provides a comfortable fit and flattering look.
  • Pair it with a Swoob pocket sports bra and you’ll have enough storage space to leave your purse behind.
  • Inseam 28.5" in size small


Women's Size Chart

               XS               S               M               L               XL

Bust     30-32         32-34         24-26        36-38         39-40

Waist   24-26         26-28         28-30         30-32        32-34

Hip      34-36         36-38          38-40        40-42         42-44