Full Length Yoga Leggings

Slimming compression fabric makes our fitted full length yoga leggings ideal for any workout.  And yes, this fabric is non-see through and lets you stretch to your hearts content.  Whether you bike, climbing, dancing, or or just looking for some of the best running tights, these are perfect for you!
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  • Moisture-wicking materials keep you dry during sweat sessions.
  • The extra wide waistband provides a comfortable fit and flattering look.
  • Pair it with a Swoob pocket sports bra and you’ll have enough storage space to leave your purse behind.
  • Inseam 28.5" in size small


Women's Size Chart

                  S               M               L               XL

Bust      32-34         24-26        36-38         39-40

Waist    26-28         28-30         30-32        32-34

Hip        36-38         38-40        40-42         42-44