LA Boxing Blue Running Shorts

Kickboxing inspired blue running shorts that are sure to empower. Featuring a relaxed-fit and fashion-forward color blocking, this short is ideal for kickboxing, training, general fitness, and make some of the best running shorts. The front is made with an eco-friendly recycled polyester blend against a breathable power mesh that creates a stylish pocket to free up both hands during your workout routine.
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  • Moisture management to absorb and evaporate sweat to keep you comfortable
  • Blocks and absorbs UV-Rays to protect and keep skin healthy  
  • Made from recycled poly moss blend weighted at 230 grams
  • No smell, non-irritating fabric
  • Ideal for layering and styling with active wardrobe
  • Tight weave mesh pocket for storing valuables during and between workouts

      *Size grades are designed to be more fitted than less. 
      **This style comes in AC Blue, Black, and White


        SIZE CHART

        Small- 0–2 *WAIST (in.) 23.5–26 *HIPS (in.) 33–35.5
        Medium- 4–6 *WAIST (in.) 26–29 *HIPS (in.) 35.5–38.5
        Large- 8–10 *WAIST (in.) 29–31.5 *HIPS (in.) 38.5–41