Cassia Connors, P.E.

Personal Motto: Hard-work always pays off.

I am a licensed professional engineer with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I will complete my M.B.A. in 8 months. I hold one provisional patent. I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers. I have been married for 2 years to, Brian, who is incredibly supportive in all of my endeavors. Having his continuous motivation has been a huge key to my success.
I have been employed continuously since I was 16 years old. I am a career woman who has worked my way to a Corporate Manager position within 7 years of graduating with my undergraduate degree. My company has only 3% female employees. The industry I sell to is also male-dominated. Every day I feel the need to prove that I can do my job better than my male counterparts. I have learned to embrace the struggles and benefits of this dichotomous situation. I love what I do and the challenge of trying to do it better.

As a hobby, I have a passion for running endurance race events, specifically triathlon. This passion came from seeing the discipline my husband had in doing these events while still having a successful career and a fun life. The discipline I found in training and goal setting for these events has spilled over into my professional life in a positive way. I use training as a release from my daily stresses as well as a way to spend quality time with my husband.

Effective time management is critical for me. We all have 100 hours a week to do anything we choose.

Here is how I spend my 100:

Travel for work and work – 55
M.B.A. Schoolwork – 20
Training for triathlon or marathon – 15
Moving my inventions and ideas forward – 5
Mindless Activities – 5


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