Jeni Matthews is a student and research technician at Arizona State University in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. Currently, Jeni is in the last semester of her Master’s program in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, and plans to continue school to get her PhD in the Fall of 2015. Her main areas of interest are in women’s health and holistic/integrative health management.

Along with her Master’s degree, she is getting a graduate certificate in integrative health. Jeni has been practicing yoga for 5 years and in 2012 she became a certified yoga instructor and was inspired by yoga pants…yes yoga pants. She wanted to find a job that she could wear comfortable yoga pants 24/7 and what better way than to become a yoga instructor?! On a more serious note, Jeni is passionate about learning and wishes to share her knowledge with others as a teacher, mentor, and friend. Recently, she has been learning how to play the guitar, but seeing her on American Idol is nowhere in the near future!

When Jeni isn’t busy utilizing her brains at school and work she enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, hiking, running, exercising, cooking, fitness modeling, and reading. Jeni is currently residing in sunny Arizona and for the most part enjoys the year round sunshine-except for nearly melting in the summer when temps reach 120 degrees- but she will always be a Utah girl at heart.

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