Jenny is an outdoor adventurer with serious wanderlust, and traveling throughout the USA is her current drug of choice. A self-proclaimed gear and grammar nut, she loves adventuring, unique cuisine, recreating outside, and writing about all three.
Snowboarding and horseback riding in Utah's mountains keep her centered, but she dabbles in everything from stand-up paddle-boarding to rock climbing. As a lifelong foodie, festival-goer, and raceaholic, Jenny's travels encompass one, if not all, of these passions. She's a believer in the transformative power of distance running (but cannot break a 7:00-minute mile to save her life), and is a coach for girls at the nonprofit organization, Girls on the Run.

She's known for talking too much and loves telling ridiculous stories around a campfire. As a result, she finds the fun in bad jobs, terrible first dates, and the misadventures of travel because she lives by the motto: "Everything in life is either a good time, or a good story."

A Utah native, she's also lived in France and attended college at Seattle University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and French. Jenny is also the editor of Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine in Salt Lake City.


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