In my 6 years as a personal trainer and wellness coach, 5 years as a certified yoga instructor, and through a graduate degree in exercise physiology:coaching wellness, and a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I have found that wellness is both highly individual and always progressing. It is with that understanding that I have created Into the Woods Wellness, in hopes to help all find their personal recipe for what makes them feel happy, balanced, and whole. I live by Plato's wise words, "the part cannot be well unless the whole is well." Into the Woods Wellness is a forum to express my passion for wellness, the pursuit of health in areas physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, social, and environmental.

Into the Woods Wellness creates personalized wellness plans, this includes personal training, nutrition, yoga, meditation/mindfulness, stress coping, and wellness coaching. All in all, we hope to create a love of body, mind, and spirit. Life is just too darn short to live any other way!

As for me, I can't sit still. The mountains always seem to be calling;). You can usually find me buzzing around the wonderful streets of SLC on my bike, running around in the mountains, eating or cooking good food, on my mat for my daily yoga practice, or immersed in good conversation with great people. Adventure? Yes please!


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