2 in 1 Foam Rollers Physical Therapy Trigger Point Hip Roller Grid

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2 in1 Foam Rollers Physical Therapy Trigger Point Hip Roller Grid – Deep Tissue Textured Foam Roller for Massage – Sports Medicine Equipment Alleviates Workout Pain, Cellulite, Lactic Acid & Migraines 
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Brand: Bodhivana


  • SCIENCE-BASED GRID REVOLUTIONARY FOAM ROLLER - INSTANT PAIN RELIEF - Quiet & revitalize tight, injured, achy muscles and provide instant migraine relief with the 2 Durable foam rollers for physical therapy that won't crack or break under heavy body types. Makes a great hip roller or massage roller when you need a masseuse or performance enhancing sports massage, yet don't have the time.
  • FASTEST MUSCLE RECOVERY - HEALS SHIN SPLINTS, FLUSHES LACTIC ACID & SOOTHES INFLAMMATION: You push to get the perfect body, but it doesn't have to be painful! Now you can Easily, Quickly & Gently roll-away shin splints, UNWIND KNOTS & increase blood flow to muscles so you recover faster & BREAK YOUR BEST RECORDS with this myofascial relief tool.
  • LOOK A DRESS SIZE SLIMMER, IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE & FLUSH OUT CELLULITE: Every roll with this back roller deep tissue massager breaks up fat fibers, plus tones and smooths out skin for shapelier, more elongated muscles. And when you roll it across your back, it isn't just heavenly. It improves your posture, so you stand an inch taller, and everyone knows that when you stand taller, you look 10 lbs lighter!
  • VERSATILE & LIGHTWEIGHT RUMBLE FOAM & MASSAGE ROLLER SET: Customers rave about how these foam rollers act like sports medicine equipment & the best massage therapist combined, allowing you to SOOTHE MIGRAINES, loosen tight back muscles, increase your sports performance so you annihilate your best time, stretch out and tone at yoga or pilates, and even help you CRACK YOUR BACK. And the handy carrying bag makes it easy to transport this 13x6 inches (33x14cm) yoga foam roller anywhere.
  • SO DURABLE, YOUR SATISFACTION IS LIFETIME GUARANTEED! Won't break, warp or crack under heavy body weight, guaranteed. Plus to ensure you get PURE PLEASURE & EASE OF USE out of your Set of 2 Foam Rollers for Physical Therapy we're sending you a 15 minute instructional video PLUS the 26 MOST EFFECTIVE EXERCISES so you can use it as a workout roller to help you reach your fitness goals faster than ever before.

Publisher: Essentials and Beyond

Details: Getting the Perfect Body, Doesn't Have to Be Painful Myofascial Sports Therapy Equipment Works as a deep tissue roller & alleviate back & hip pain plus release lactic acid buildup, relieving muscle tension and soreness. Push yourself harder, recover from and prevent sports related injures faster & improve your personal best with little to no pain when you use it regularly to increase oxygen flow & blood circulation Improve Core strength, balance, mobility, flexibility & posture - so you move like an athlete, stand taller, and look like a slimmer, sexier version of you Flush away the cellulite and water retention that causes bloating & bumpy skin Get fit without the pain, simply add to cart now Intensify Your Sports Massage, to Intensify Your Results Bodhivana outer high density trigger point foam roller design allows you to: Warm up quickly & safely before your workout so you reduce the risk of injury and soreness Instantly relax your muscles after your workout, even if it was a 'hard day' Laser-in, target & treat trigger points that cause you pain, and alleviate muscle related migraines Get a deep tissue massage with the PERFECT amount of pressure, because you're in control Enhance your performance and increase your blood flow so you max-out further down the line by creating the same effect as a professional sport therapy massage Never used a foam roller before or need a gentle approach for an injured muscle? The inner roller is here to help! The softer low density inner roller helps you: Ease into foam rolling so you get the pain relief, without the intense massage Massage away tension, pain and migraines in your neck and other delicate areas Target & decrease shin splint pain - and with continued, regular use, support it's elimination entirely! Never Experience Performance Anxiety - Know the Right Way to Foam Roll to Alleviate Pain & Create a Shapelier Body from DAY 1