Gnarly Vicious Vanilla Slim || 100% Natural Ingredients with New Zealand Grass Fed Whey


Brand: Gnarly Nutrition


  • HIGHEST FORM OF QUALITY WHEY || Gnarly sources our protein from New Zealand so we can provide you with the highest quality whey sustainably. It's clean of Hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. The cattle in New Zealand are grass fed and manage humanely.This impacts the flavor of our protein and how the protein is digested and assimilated by your body.
  • SMOOTH & GREAT TASTING || Our goal has always been to provide the best quality ingredients that provide a functional product for you. We also think it's extremely important for you to actual enjoy drinking the stuff. We only use natural sweeteners (Stevia, monk fruit and Erythritol). We think we have done a pretty damn good job providing a vegan protein product that tastes great.
  • LOW CALORIE FAT BURNING FORMULA || This formula was created to help you get fit, stay strong and burn fat. Fuel your metabolism with probiotics to promote digestion and overall health while you shed those extra pounds.
  • PROMOTES MUSCLE GROWTH & RECOVERY || Gnarly® Slim protein helps provide additional energy for your muscles while accelerating protein synthesis allowing for muscle building and preventing muscle breakdown. Additionally Gnarly® Slim protein aids in muscle recovery and healing.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS , FLAVORS & SWEETENERS || We know you and we know your committed in performing at the top of your level. We are too. So as a part of our Gnarly® promise to you, we will never use artificial junk in our products and that's a promise.

Legal Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Allergy Info: Contains Milk (whey protein) and Soy (lethicin).

Publisher: Blue Earth Nutrition

Details: We've painstakingly chosen the best ingredients to not only help you keep calories down, but to actually give your body ingredients and nutrients it needs to help build a stronger, fitter you. Gnarly Slim protein shakes gives you 10 grams of New Zealand grass fed protein, pro and prebiotics to promote digestion and overall health and our Gnarly Slimming Blend to make certain that we're giving you every edge to burn fat naturally and achieve your goals of staying fit. Low Calorie Shouldn't Mean Low Nutrition!